03 June 2009

better late than never...

Hello Friends and Family, Brothers and Sisters,

Please forgive me for being so long in posting and update! Our schedule has been full since we arrived, to the point that i was becoming sleep deprived. With two separate teams working with 2 different children's ministries, every moment was precious. i was also able to provide much of our own transportation with church provided 15 passenger mini-buses; of which i am so thankful for!

God is so good! We all have been blessed beyond measure, and many seeds have been sown here. We have also been blessed with many opportunities to encourage and support the leaders and staffs of the childrens' ministries; which is so very important, since they have little and sometimes no support here locally.

We have also been blessed with unbelievably warm weather! This past week there were several days that broke temperature records for highs! In fact, i had never imagined seeing so many sunburnt Dundonians! Our team brought mostly cold weather clothing, and we ended up needing short trousers and t-shirts! It was a wonderful problem to have!!!

i could easily write a book on all that God has done here since our last trip, and all that He has done the past week. Here are a few pictures instead; there will be more...

with HIS love,

i can't post identifiable pictures of the children under British child protection laws...

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