25 June 2009

Dundee Update #5

Hiya everyone!

Let's see here...my last update was nearly 2 weeks ago...so much for an email every week! lol

I'm going to have to get my calendar out to recollect everything!

Alright, so Dad made it back to the States safely, which most of you will know by now anyways...lol

Generally, the past couple weeks has been a bit more chill...just been helping Bruce and Carolyn out still, whether helping in the house with the boys, or going into the office with Bruce to work on Attic admin stuff. Both is fun!

The Thursday (11 June) after Dad left, I got to go on home visits with Bruce, which was good! We went around to loads of different homes in the Hilltown- he does 52 visits every week normally!! We had a late start tho because of a meeting, so only got to do about half of the visits that afternoon, and it was still loads! It's so cool how Bruce is referred to by the kids as "the Attic Man!" and he is known by loads of kids just everywhere. There was one home that we went into, a little girl named Paige and her mum's name is Silvia...and Silvia is a Christian! That was refreshing! She told me a bit of her story- there is a church in the Hilltown called the Full Gospel Church, and there is a man there named Ewan Gurr who gives food to folks who don't have any, and he just really loves and is on fire for the Lord. So last year, Ewan was on a prayer walk on some of the streets here in Dundee, and he prayed specifically for the building that Silvia lived in (I hope I'm getting this story right...), but apparently Ewan was feeling quite discouraged, and wondered if these prayer walks were doing any good...and considered quitting them. Not 5 minutes after Ewan returned to the church that day, Silvia showed up asking for food, and through that she became a Christian! She and Paige also attend the Full Gospel Church now...and its just a great thing...God thing!

We also had Fiona (blind and deaf friend) for lunch on that Thursday, and she had her wee 8 month old grandson along. We had a good time with Fiona as well, and she is always fun to have around...her guide is also named Fiona, and she comes along to church with blind/deaf Fiona sometimes, so that's a good situation I think!

On Friday night, the 12th of June I went to a wedding with Iain, and it was a BLAST! It had a ceilidh dance after it, so I was totally loving it, and loved that I knew the gist of basically all of dances, meaning I'm basically a local. haha

Saturday we went down to Glasgow for a "family barbecue" at Iain's sister Heather and Woodsy's house. That was a fun day with what I later realized was all couples- Heather and Woodsy, Alison (Iain's other sis) and Jamie, Andy and Julie, Catia and Johnny, me and Iain (the only unmarrieds), and then the one single person- Lucy, Heather and Woodsy's 2 and a half year old little girl. lol It was a fun fun day!

On Sunday I got to sing on worship again at Elim, then after church a few people went around to Sarah McGregor's for lunch which was also good...just fun fellowship with some fellow Jesus-lovers! =)

Monday night was the last Attic of the term before school holidays. The night went really well, but the Attic is really really lacking for leaders- so please pray for that. A few of the leaders have sort of fallen away from God...(or rather, a better way of putting it...they are perhaps chasing after wordly things rather than Kingdom things.) Anyways, please pray for God to supply leaders, and to bring back the others if that's His will.

Wednesday was Clanz, the teen gathering at Elim, and we basically hang out with teenagers for a while, make smoothies or hot chocolate, have a talk, and split up into a few small groups for discussion time. It's totally different sort of small group than to what I'm used to back home- my girls in mine and Misty's small group at Fairview are generally Christians...they've been mostly raised in church, but the majority of these girls that I've talked to at Clanz are lost (or a few are very young Christians, and/or sort of "get it."), and so it's a totally different scene than at home!

Also on Wednesday, I went to Home Fellowship with Iain at the youth pastor's house, and there was some intense discussion- there is a bill being passed that will make it ILLEGAL for any organization (including the CHURCH, which is basically what is being targeted) to discriminate against hiring homosexuals in the church......WHAT?! I think there is also a bill that would make it illegal to speak that homosexuality is wrong- I could be getting my stories mixed up here, but I think that's what it was...meaning it would be illegal to tell someone that being gay is wrong, including preaching it. PLEASE PRAY! The Church of Scotland has also very recently allowed a gay man to remain a pastor in the church......................

Here's what the guy who helps lead the Home Fellowship, sent out in an email, which better explains it than I did...

The Parliamentary bill, which will effectively remove our right to express Biblical truth regarding homosexuality, is in an advanced stage - please pray that this will not go through and sign the petition below - it will only take a moment!

Another Parliamentary matter which is very important to pray about at the moment is the equality bill, which will force churches to offer equal employment opportunities to everyone (except in teaching positions or positions of leading worship services), extending current equality legislation to cover sexuality as well as race/disability. Basically they are trying to force us into following their secular agenda.

Note - these are not just government plans - they have support from all the major parties! So it is even more important that we pray and act if we want to continue to have freedom to live by Biblical standards!

PLEASE PRAY...(...and America is undoubtedly not far behind I would imagine...?)

Moving on... One day last week, perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday (all my days are running together), I went on home visits for the HUB with Sarah B, which also went well...although loads of people weren't home, or just weren't answering the door. One home of a brother and sister named Tre and Morgan was terrible...the house smelled of smoke and some stinch, and I started coughing pretty bad...I've had a cough, but it was getting worse due to their house... Then another house we went to, the house was quite nice and seemed pretty well off, and the lady who was the child's guardian seemed nice enough, but dressed in mostly black, and there was a a witch's hat hanging in the entrance hall...not sure if this was for costume or what, but it seemed a bit alarming...so I prayed for the house when we got into the car. =(

Then on this past Friday night, Iain and myself, Alison and Jamie went to St. Andrews for dinner at a posh restaurant called The Doll's House, and it was really yummy!! =) They wanted to take us to dinner, so that was really nice! Afterwards we walked around the town for a bit, Jamie got an ice cream, then I got a coffee, then we headed back for Dundee and watched a movie at Ali and Jamie's.

Then SATURDAY! Fun day- we took Hub kids to a theme park called M&D's, just outside of Glasgow. So much fun! The theme park wasn't totally amazing, but the kids had such a good time, which was GREAT. Some of the kids have been to some cool places, but some have maybe never left Dundee, so it was such a treat for them! We were split into groups, with 2 leaders to about 8 kids, with a total of 35 kids that went. Iain and I had a group of girls, and they were so great. One of our girls was Morgan, which I mentioned above, who lived in the not-so-nice house. I went on lots of rides with the girls, which of course I totally loved, and one of our girls named Stephanie is 12, but she is really little...looks about 7 or 8, so she nearly always had to have an adult with her on most of the rides that she could actually ride, so me and Iain took turns with her. She took my hand once when we were walking...and she is just a sweet kid...minus saying the F-word a couple of times on the Ferris Wheel....lol (Okay, not actually funny.)

Alright, so Sunday I lead worship for the 1st time ever on a Sunday morning for a church! It was so fun, and I think God was using me! (Ok, I know He was...cause it wasn't me on my own!) I was really nervous, moreso at the thought of it all, but once we practiced for a couple of hours before church, it wasn't so bad. It's more of the speaking stuff that actually makes me nervous, than the singing stuff...I'm fine with the singing part! lol Simon Kennedy played guitar, Steven on bass, and Gary on drums...and Lindsay on vocals. =) We did Revelation Song, Hallelujah (your love makes me sing!), Surrender (I'm giving you my heart, all that is within...), Worthy is the Lamb, and a rocked out version of In Christ Alone! It felt like God was just flowing right out of my mouth...loved it!

So today is Monday, and I had a totally chilled out day today! Bruce, Carolyn, and the boys went on a wee holiday this weekend in a caravan south of Glasgow, so I had the house to myself for the weekend, and today I just hung out in the house. I cleaned up few things in the house a bit this morning, after sleeping til 11, and later went out and sat in the sun and started reading "Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claborne. (It's gonna be a good book!) The weather was amazing today, and it's still hot in the house just now! (Nobody really has air conditioner in the houses...it's not needed.) But today it was 75 degrees, and it's still about 62 right now...so quite warm for Dundee! I'm loving it tho, and I got some tan lines on my shoulders today, which is always a plus! =) Then tonight was the Hub, and Iain picked me up after work, we ate a frozen pizza at his house, then went to Hub. Last week was supposed to be the last one before summer, but they decided to go ahead with another one tonight, which I was totally happy about! So I'd say there were between 25 and 30 kids there tonight, and they had a bit more laid back night tonight- they showed pics from M&D's, then had a bit of extra game time playing volleyball over chairs in the big room- kids against leaders...I lost the winning point for us at the end! lol

Now I'm back at Bruce and Carolyn's, and they've just gone to bed, and I'm just away to mine in a few minutes...tomorrow I'm either going into the office in the afternoon with Bruce, or helping Carolyn out in the house- it's funny, as they sort of bid over me when decided who "gets me" the next day. haha

Alright, goodnight!
Thanks for reading the ramblings. =)

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Whipple said...

I did a little research. If I'm reading right, the bill is already halfway through House of Commons (kind of like the House of Representatives) and will soon go through the House of Lords (Senate). The repercussions possible beneath the umbrella of this legislation could do a lot of harm. It is subtly painted under the cheery heading of good relations and equality. God will care for his people no matter the sort of state they live in. But it is important (especially for those going to Scotland in the future) to be at least somewhat familiar with the ideas behind this bill so that we may understand the weight of our words. You can read it HERE in the "Documents" section.