01 June 2010

Thoughts from Scotland- Part 1

Cup of Joe Grimm – Part 1

A lightly drizzling morning came as the team headed to Elim Pentecostal Church for worship and fellowship. The service started well with some worship songs focusing on the love and majesty of Jesus Christ. The team fitted right in with their Christian brothers and sisters in Scotland, as if they were regular members of Elim. After the time of worship in song, the team had a opportunity to introduce themselves individually in front of the congregation then followed was a small sketch by the drama team and a testimony from Mandy. Blake, Jody, Andrew, and Kelsey portrayed different ways some Christians “try” to pray. The sketch was humorous in ways, but at the same time convicting. Showing us how we as Christians come before the Lord in ways He did not intend us too. Kelsey’s character displayed how one should come before the Lord: real, honest humbled, and focused on God. Following the drama Mandy began sharing with us her testimony, a little about her struggles she has faced in life, and then how God came about in bringing her to salvation. Pastor Graham then gave the sermon. His main focus was on prayer and praise. How the both should be present in a believers life, and you will be “lopsided” in your walk if you only have one, common in your life.

The teams plans to go and have a picnic with some of the church members at the park was altered, due to the rain. But a member of the church named Rosemary offered her home as a place to eat and have fellowship! Her home was a beautiful, traditional home near the farmlands in Scotland. Going from where we were in the city to Rosemary’s house was like going from downtown Knoxville to Gibbs. No big buildings, traffic jams, or crowds, pastures of beautiful, wavy, green grass and traditional stacked stone fences. The food was awesome, having some traditional Scottish sandwiches, bread, crisps, and of course some Irn-Bru. After filling our stomachs we got to know our Scottish friends a little more by sharing stories and hanging out.
After relaxing the team headed back to Elim for a quick overview of the schedule with Bruce and then headed to Central Baptist Church for the evening service. Centrals sanctuary looks like a traditional 17th century sanctuary, with beautiful carpentry work behind the pulpit that reaches over 60ft to the ceiling. The worship was mixed with contemporary and traditional music, but all was glorifying. The associate pastor Angus spoke on the “Rich man and Lazarus”. His attention to the rich man being in hell really spoke to me about what we are doing here in Scotland. Many people are gonna be in hell like the rich man apart from Christ, so our work over here should be more motivating with that in mind. After the service we went downstairs to have some tea, and introduced ourselves individually to the members of central.

We went to the city center to have a late meal before we headed home. Some of the team had a opportunity to purchase food for some of the homeless setting in the streets, and ate with them while showing the love of Christ. It truly was a example of what Christ did when He was on earth, loving the outcasts of society. This Lord’s day has been truly fruitful for the Scotland Mission Team of Fairview Baptist Church. Great time of worship, fellowship, good food, and beautiful scenery. One could not ask for a better day.

- Joe

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Patricia Harbolt said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I thank God for the work that you are doing there. I hope that Samuel is enjoying himself and glorifying God all at the same time. I love you all very much and thank my Heavenly Father for everything that He has done.

P. Harbolt