01 June 2010

Thoughts from Scotland- Part 2

Cup of Joe Grimm - Part 2

As God's Word said there is a time for everything, today was the time to begin laboring. The team arrived at Elim to help Bruce set up for the Attic. The Attic is a youth ministry that is held on Monday nights and whenever the children have a vacation from school or as they call it a holiday.

Upon setting up the stage, we sat down and had some tea. The team was split in half, one going to help the Attic and the other the Hub. The Hub is a youth ministry with leaders from Central Baptist and a few other churches, which is held also on Monday nights. The teams got together to go over and practice their dramas. Once done, they headed over to city center to have some lunch and had an opportunity to do some shopping in downtown Dundee. The team also had an opportunity to buy some Scotland souvenirs.

After a long day at city center, the Attic team went to Elim for dinner and the Hub team had dinner in Lochee. The Hub and Attic setup for their service is very similar, but unique in their own perspective. The team went to the Lochee church, had dinner and then began setting up for their service. Having the pool table, ping-pong table, and Playstations ready, the children began coming in. Having a bit of play time, that allowed the children to settle down and used up their energy. After words we gave the kids juice and chips to eat for a snack. Some of the drama students had a sketch prepared for the kids. Kelsey, Madison, Mandy, Sam, Steven, and Andrew performed on the creation of the world. The sketch was performed in a humorous way except toward the end when Adam and Eve were banned for the garden. After the drama, they had a question and answer session about the the Genesis account. It was the boys verses the girls, and the winner receiving a piece of Big Red gum. Big Red is quite a treat here in Scotland, since they do not sell it here. Ted then delivered the message on the account of Levi (Luke 5) and Jesus which was delivered extremely well.

After the talk, the group was split between boys and girls to play team games. Teams had a great opportunity to love and be a witness for Jesus to the kids. For some of these kids, it's the only love they will receive. As with so many inner city children, raised in broken homes, single parents, and walking the streets by the time they are seven, it is also the typical story for many of these kids. The Hub is truly a light for the Lochee area. After the service the team headed back to Elim to talk about tomorrow's schedule and then called it quits for the night.

- Joe

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