01 June 2010

Illuminations of Blake WATson

Illuminations of Blake WATson

The Attic was an absolute BLAST! We went to pick up the kids at several different bus stops on my first lift on a double decker bus. The kids were so excited and we all had a super fun time. The two highlights had to have been young boys beating us in a soccer drill and when Eric Mills downed a can of Irn Bru in three seconds. I was only on my first gulp. After all the chaotic fun we did our silly dramas on Creation that the kids loved and then i spoke on choices. Somehow my shower story ended up in these. They were amused by the stupid American. We took the kids back after it was over and I broke out my £ 3 harmonica and started tootin' around with the kids. The Attics leaders, headed by Bruce, and us met back at Elim for tea and a discussion on how the night went. Positive! Positive! Positive! Yay!


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Lyndsay Carr said...

Very happy you all have put some posts on! I am really enjoying being able to keep up. I hope you are able to tell many about our Savior and my prayers are with you all!