02 June 2010

Thoughts from Scotland, Part 3

Today was filled with many sites and sceneries of Scotland. The team went to Edinburgh, I did not go there so I (Joe Grimm) will allow Blake Watson to share his thoughts on the place.
“Today was your traditional Scottish weather. Overcast with drizzles of rain all day long. We got up early and were in a rush to catch the train to Edinburgh. I cant imagine what Edinburgh looks like on a sunny day. It was marvelous. Huge buildings covering the city. We stopped by a little shop to get something since we missed breakfast, (I missed Rose’s cooking). Once we got to the royal mile you could instantly see the beauty and vastness of the Edinburgh castle which is said to be the safest castle in the entire kingdom. The castle stood taller than anything else I the entire city and probably most altitudes for miles. So lets just say the walk up to it was quite the mountain climb. When we reached the castle, we crossed the bridge over the once existing moat, and the first thing I spotted was two statues placed on the walls beside the castle entrance. The two statues were of William Wallace (and no, not Mel Gibson) and Sir Robert the Bruce. I knew then seeing that, I would find something of his inside. After exploring for a while I realized just exactly why it was the safest castle. The altitude gave you sight of everything all around you, along with about 700 cannons defending their fortress. One cool thing they did was turn several of castle rooms into museums. One of these is where I found my Robert the Bruce memorabilia and the amazing display of his kingship. One thing I cant forget is the display of the Scottish soldier who carried a baby on his back sack throughout an entire battle. After leaving the castle we hit two shops on the Royal Mile before eating at a four story McDonald's!”

The rest of the group that did not go, had some time of rest, and some more walking around the city. A couple of the group went with Bruce t the sports center where we played some indoor soccer, or as the Scots call it, football.

Around dinner time, the team met up at the Lochee Church for food and began setting up for the HUB night. The time began for the children to show up. Part of the team stayed in the sanctuary running through their parts in the drama, some went in the back to be praying, while the rest stayed in the game room to play with the children. After game time and having some snacks, the kids proceeded to the sanctuary for some dramas and games. The drama team performed some fantastic dramas, putting on a total of four sketches. Blake Watson then delivered the message for the evening. He spoke on choices and how they effect our lives. During the dramas and the talk, the children didn’t really act out to much and seemed receptive for the most part, which for kids is really good.

After the service was over, the group got together and had some time of sharing and prayer. A couple of members shared about some things they have enjoyed about the trip and how the Lord was working in and around them. It was a pretty good feeling to kneel before Jesus and talk with Him as a group.

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