12 November 2010

Fall Trip thoughts and prayer!

This trip was to be my "Yes" trip! Meaning that without a group, i could say "yes" to everyone that i wanted to have some time with. Of course, we all know it does not really work that way; even with it just being Dustin Burnette and myself, sooner or later, you cannot say "yes" anymore! That point happened much quicker than i expected; we arrived on Saturday 30 October in the late afternoon, and by Monday, i was already having to say "no" to potential meetings and engagements to those i love and care for in Dundee! There are only 24 hours in a day, no matter how well it is organized, and no matter how good my intentions! Aside from not seeing everyone i wanted and needed to see, it was a wonderful week. So many people expressed Thankfulness to God and Blessings that Dustin and i were there with them, but they may not realize the Thankfulness and Blessings Dustin and i felt for the privilege and honor to be there in Dundee with them! I am inspired by the perseverance and faith of our brothers and sisters fighting the "good fight" against all odds, humanly speaking, in such "cold" places around the world and here at home. I Thank God for opportunities, big and small, to share and grow in this walk toward the light!
with HIS love and in Jesus Name,

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Limiree said...

I am so glad you went! Great explanation of your trip too. =) Let's go back soon...I want to do another "yes" trip! That's a great thing to call it! I love you! x