05 February 2013

WoW! Exciting news from Bruce!!!

New Church Plant in Kirkton?!!

Well I believe this is the year we will officially plant a new church in Kirkton. We have taken a year to plant community with the attic volunteers.
To plant community in Kirkton through the Attic Lounge. In many ways the Attic is the mercy ministries of the church. We just need the church!
We are in a strong position to start, in our view, a real church plant. We have a small group of committed Christians who are ready to break the
ground and pour their lives into a needy community. We have a lot of work to do. Discussions and plans to make.
For this reason I am asking for your prayers.
I am really excited and know this is what God has called me to do! But in order to make this happen we need a strong team! That is what my main role is to be. To train & raise up the team and let them loose. We have support on a number of fronts. Frontline Church, Liverpool are our spiritual covering and constant encouragement. St Peter's Church, Dundee are behind us and now 20schemes ( check website, www.20schemes.com ) are planting churches in Scotland's poorest housing estates and keen to help. God is definitely doing something exciting in Dundee, Central Baptist Church is looking at planting a church in Lochee. St Peter's in Charleston and the Attic in Kirkton. I wouldn't have thought it even 5 yrs ago. So please pray that Jesus will build His church in these needy areas of Dundee. Thank you for your years of support and encouragement.

God bless.
Bruce & the attic clan :)

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